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Non Sibi

Finis Origine Pendet

Incoming Students to Phillips Exeter Academy
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Welcome to the LJ community for all new students who are soon to be entering...
Phillips Exeter Academy!
Non Sibi
Finis Origine Pendet

This community is for new students that will enter Phillips Exeter Academy, a private co-educational liberal arts boarding high school in New Hampshire, in the fall of 2005. Whether you are an incoming prep, lower, upper, senior, or post graduate, feel free to join! Prospective students, current students, and alums are welcome to ask/answer questions and chat.

Before posting about common topics that have been discussed before, please click the memories section to see if it's been posted about before. Thank you very much!

You will find that we have made a list of known incoming Exonians here, complete with names, contact info, ages, and hobbies. The class roster (as in, what everyone is taking next year) is here.

We have an Exeter chat on AIM weekly (the question of 'when' is more spontaneous - it's usually when a lot of incoming students are on). Feel free to invite yourself into the AIM chatroom "Exeter09" to see if we're having one currently. Or IM either starlighthexacle (Katie) or A Jaded Idealist (Tara) so that you will be on the list when we decide to have one. Other plans include several NYC and Boston meets over the summer. If you are able to attend one of those, please include that in your introduction and we will plan it out accordingly.

With that being said, here is the introduction that we would like you to post once you have joined:

Class of:
Prospective Dorm:
Ambitions/Goals at Exeter:

Tell us about how you found out about boarding schools and applying:
Tell us how you felt when you were accepted:
Tell us why you chose Exeter!:

What classes did you choose to register for? And for which terms?:
What clubs are you joining?:

P.S. There is also exonians for all Exonians in general. But Exeter's cool enough to have 2 communities. ;)
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